Emoji Art and Facebook Font: Important Element of Social Networking

Smileys are another graphic representation of facial expression which uses punctuation or symbols. Nowadays these are extensively used in different social networking sites. Each smiley indicates an expression and the expression can be changed by changing the symbols. There is a little variation in Japanese style, however, both western and Japanese style are now hugely used in different mobile apps, social networking sites , messaging etc. This art form is loving by most of the users.


The base of emoji art originated in Japan, which are not only used in Japanese web pages but also worldwide. The use of this art has been acclaimed globally and various mobile apps and website is now using this art form. This art is like a picture with different facial expression, although many other icons have been included in this art form. Some pictures are very precise to the Japanese culture. It has been Unicode, so that it can be used globally, providing easy access to others. Users’ use this art form to show their expression while chatting or messages or sending an email, etc. Many emoji characters have been encoded in Unicode to promote the increase of use of various characters.

Among the social networking sites Facebook has the most number of users and have become one the most important element of users. From meeting with new friends to connecting with loved ones facebook has gone through many highs. The user interface of facebook is going through some ups and downs according to the user views. The facebook fonts are one of them and they are constantly trying to decrease its complexity. There might be some changes regarding the attachment, the display of posted photos, including the links of your favorite things and some changes in the chat box window.


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