Bring a Big Smile on Your Friend’s Face with Beautiful Smiley Faces!!

Social Media has revealed its strong presence in the past few years. Facebook is certainly the king of social media. It has brought many people together. The world has become globalised with the efficient services of Facebook.  It has broken all the barriers of communication.

Chatting has become more convenient with the effective arrangement of Facebook messenger.  FB emoticons and smiley faces have made the conversation more expressive. Those people who were not capable of expressing their feelings are now successfully articulating their feelings and emotions.

sleepy-smileyWhat is the significance of emoticons for Facebook?

It is the modern era of internet and graphics. A simple textual based conversation adds the boredom factor in communication. The beautiful smiley Facebook use in an adequate way adds the ‘zing’ factor to the chat. It has made users able to express their feelings appropriately.

List of different smiley faces of Facebook:

The number of feelings associated with the human heart is equivalent to the number of emoticons. There are FB emoticons for almost all the expressions and feelings of human heart. Some of these unique symbols are:

: )-happy
: (- sad
;( – crying
:*- kiss
: |- speechless

New emoticons on Facebook:

Facebook has launched emoticons with high quality graphics. The main expressions are:

1.    Angry emoticon: Are you angry with your friend? Let us help you express your anger with the beautiful angry emoticons. No need to use rude words, the explosive angry emoticon is enough to show that your anger is about to burst on your friend.
2.    I love you emoticon: Love is the most beautiful feeling on earth. Are you in love with someone? If you can’t express your love in to the face of your beloved, use the romantic I love you emoticon and impress your love with beautiful presentation.
3.    Romantic emoticons: Want to be romantic in front of your partner? Use the heart taking romantic emoticons and blow the wind of love in your life. This sweet emoticon will surely add the sweetness in your relation as well.

Why are you behind? Use these beautiful emoticons and share it with your friends and family!


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