Be expressive lovers with the smart use of FB chat codes!

Everyone smiles in the same language. It is an inexpensive way to change your looks. This is known by everyone. The most talented person on earth is the one who has the ability to make someone smile with their expression. It can’t be done by everyone. It is an art to express your feelings in an accurate way at the appropriate time. Facebook is the recent and biggest platform to explore feelings.

Portrayal of FB!

jolly-emoticon[1]Facebook is the biggest addiction of the people of the world. I would like to mention a funny story that is reality of the majority of people. Exit Facebook, close laptop, get into bed, unlock phone and check Facebook. It is crossed on all the records of popularity. The condition is that even a child of ten demands for an FB account. Facebook chat codes have brought big smiles on the faces of people. It has brought the world closer by cutting off the barrier of communication. Yes! We are more social now.

Expressive users of FB!

Facebook chat emoticons are something that has made everybody expressive. Wondering why people can never say it to your face, but can post it on Facebook without any fear? Well, this is the magic of its effective and a simple presentation. Anyone can use simple symbols to make their conversation more humorous.

Lovers of FB!


Facebook has surprisingly helped in completing the love of many couples. There are countless stories of people, expressing their love through Facebook. It has turned an individual me into a romantic we. Jokes are a part of it too. A simple ‘I LOVE YOU’ is obviously less effective than an ‘I LOVE YOU’ with sweet and romantic Facebook symbols.

Facebook is a platform that completes the love stories of many people. There are many websites that offer attractive smile symbols to make your communication more innovative. Copy trendy emoticons and forward it to the man/woman of your interest to complete your love story.


Reason For Attraction in People For Facebook

Facebook has played an important role in the lives of people. People have been brought closer with its use. It would be the most common thing in the likes and hobbies of the people of the entire world. Everybody is just crazy for it. Its efficient presentation attracts people as a magnet attracts a piece of iron. Let me help you in making it even more attractive.

Attraction of FB: This social networking site is considered as the king of the entire social networking sites. Facebook faces have played an important role in making it the king. These offer a brilliant way to allow people to play with it to add the fun factor in a boring textual conversation.



Efficient Smileys: The trend of smiley faces started from the simple Emoji Art. It is a simple collection of symbols that build faces and provide efficient meaning. FB goes on with the trend, moved to the stickers and now the recent ones are amazing, stylish and attractive emoticons.

Platform to download these emoticons: There are many open source websites that offer brilliant emoticons. These Facebook faces may help you in making your chat even more energetic and entertaining. You can complement it with stylish fonts. Various emoji faces are categorized as:

  1. Happy smiley face: Traditionally, we use the symbol colon and bracket {: ) } to make the happy face, but now you can make it in a gorgeous way. Simply copy and paste the code from the website and paste it on a friend’s wall to tell them that you are happy.
  2. Love symbols: Traditionally, we use only ❤ to show the love, but now, there are a number of emoticons used to express love. This list has all the feelings, such as kissed and other romantic love symbols.

There are many emoticons available. It is very simple to use. Copy from the source and paste on the destination and it is done!!



Facebook Smiley Faces- Fun in Chat!!

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Facebook Smileys: Another way of Expressing Your Feelings!!!

Everybody smiles in the same language. You are never completely dressed up without a proper smile on your face. Expressions are the best way to make someone grin. This is a fact that only a few persons are talented on this globe to make others smile. This is God’s gifted flair. People love to be with people who know how to make others happy. In short, smiles and expressions are a great way to get closer to someone!!!!!!! Continue reading

How Emoji Art is Different from Emoticons

Facebook! It is the king of social networking sites. People love to do communication on FB. According to a recent survey, around 60% people of the world open their Facebook account before doing their daily routines and it is the last thing done before sleeping.  Most probably, this is the only thing that would be matched with the schedule of a lot of people in the world. The features that the innovative FB team is including in the social networking sites are making it more entertaining. Continue reading

Express Your Feelings with Effective Fb Emoticons!

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