Facebok faces are a great way to be expressive!

There’s a stimulating dialogue among some members of the Facebook community forum concerning the utilization of emoticons smiley’s in expressing one’s thoughts and emotions. One aspect argues Facebook emoticons area unit simply a group of punctuation marks then cannot totally capture human feelings. They assert emoticons don’t seem to be nearly as good as words in expressing thoughts.

But the numerous fans of Facebook faces are fast to defend that these “punctuation marks” area unit helpful, even a necessity, in FB chat. Throughout a face to face speech, folks have visual communication and tone of voice to assist them show, emphasize, and enhance their true thoughts and feelings. These very little photos will facilitate deliver your full message.

For instance, a disciple tells you are ugly. You will respond in either 3 ways.

“I’m not ugly.”

“I’m not ugly.”

“I’m not ugly.”

Since the opposite person does not see you, there isn’t any means they will tell whether or not the response is serious or meant as a joke. Adding associate degree facial expression at the tip of every message, however, will facilitate clarify things.

  • “I’m not ugly. &get;: O” – you’re mad that your friend referred to as you ugly.

  • “I’m not ugly. :(“ — You’re unhappy or upset that your friend told you are ugly.

  • “I’m not ugly.;) – You’re taking the statement as a joke, no offense taken.


Now imagine there are not any Facebook faces and you required to put in writing out your facial expressions or the tone of your voice on every occasion you create a comment.

  • “I’m not ugly. The statement is alleged in associate degree angry manner.”

  • “I’m not ugly. I am speech that with humor in my voice.”

The ultimate use of emoji art and the emoticons can really make your chat impressive! What are you looking for?

Just use them in appropriate manner and be expressive!!!


Bring Some Fun And Laugh in Your Life Through Social Media

Social Media has emerged as the most popular club that provides people with a reason to smile, talk and spend spectacular time with friends and family. It has decreased the distance in people. A friend or relative staying abroad is no longer too far to reach. You can talk to them anytime and see them anytime. It doesn’t actually feel that they are far away. Facebook is considered as the king of social media. Around 1.11 billion people are using it every month.

This is a matter of consideration is why there are a big number of fans. Well, the answer may be its spectacular presentation. It attracts the user to what they feel strong attachments to. Facebook smiley codes give the illusion that the symbols are designed for the individual only.


Teary Eyes

The designers of FB are highly skilled and provide a great source of entertainment! At the start, a few symbols and emoji art were used, but now, Facebook smiley codes are attracting more users.

It equally attracts new users and existing users. Its features are capable enough to attract more users. Alteration is the necessity of time.

New emoticons in the form of Facebook faces:

There are many new free source codes available to increase the amazement in presentation. These are designed as follows:

  1. Kissing emotion
  2. Happily in love
  3. Angry emotion
  4. Flowers for you
  5. Horrified
  6. Under pressure
  7. Baby
  8. Winking
  9. Cheer up

Make Your FB Chat Expressive With the Prominent Use of Facebook Smileys

Expressions are a powerful tool to convey feelings and emotions. It works even higher than words. That’s why; everybody likes to use expressions on the special days of their life. These days, Facebook is a popular social network. Most individuals of world are related to friends through Facebook. Most of the individuals spend most of their time on Facebook. It does commence as a robust tool for expressing thoughts.

Why individuals are such a lot crazy regarding Facebook?

Well, a reason of its quality is its engaging presentation. After you offer individuals a reason to smile, it mechanically becomes life. It is Facebook smileys that have created fun and enthusiasm and put it back within the chat.

How it works?

These are straightforward codes that are used with text. These Facebook smileys amuse each, sender and receiver. It’s the most effective thanks to specific feelings and emotions. It’s a proven fact that what is loved by eyes is loved by the memory as well!

What are numerous smile emotions?

These emotions come in a wide variety. They created nearly each emotion of humankind. For smiling to performing arts within the party, users are ready to send each feeling. Their creative presentation touches every corner of the heart. The list of varied emotions are:

: )-happy

: (- sad

;( – crying

:*- kiss

: |- dumb

(Y)- yes/ok

: P- tongue out

</ 3- heart


New Facebook smiley faces for more entertainment:

There are several new free supply codes on the market to extend the amaze in presentation. These are designed as follows:

  1. Arousal feeling
  2. with happiness infatuated
  3. Angry feeling
  4. Flowers for you
  5. Horrified
  6. beneath pressure
  7. Baby
  8. Winking
  9. Cheer up
  10. Cupid

There are several others within the list of emoticons. These codes are on the market without a charge on several websites. Use it for gorgeous communication and conference your friends.

Simple Steps to Make Your Timeline Attractive And Expressive!!

Facebook plays a significant part in the lives of modern people. Citizens of every nation use it as it has brought nearer. It would be the most widespread thing in the likes and hobbies of the people of the entire world. Everybody is just crazy for it. Its well-organized appearance attracts the people as magnet attracts a piece of iron. Let us help you in making it even smarter.
Hold of FB:

This social networking site is measured as ‘the king of the entire social networking sites’. Facebook faces had an essential role in making it the king. These propose a dazzling way to permit people to play with it to insert the ‘fun’ factor in an uninteresting textual chat.
Expressive Smiley faces:


Crazy Emoticon

 The tendency of FB faces came on from the art of simple Emoji Art. It is a straightforward collection of few signs that built a few faces and provide an efficient meaning. FB went with the trend and moved the tables. Now, the recent ones are astonishing stylish and beautiful.
Stage to download these emoticons:

There are many open source websites that provide many brilliant emoticons. These smiley faces may help you in making your chat even more energetic and entertaining. You can complement it with stylish fonts. Various emoji faces are as categorized below:

1.    Happy smiley face: Traditionally, we use the symbol colon and bracket {: ) } to make the happy face, but now, you can make it in a gorgeous way. Simply copy and paste the code from the website and paste it on a friend’s wall to let them know that you are happy.
2.    Love symbols: Traditionally, we use only ❤ to show the love, but now, there are a number of emoticons to express love. This list has all the feelings from golden looks to the kiss and other romantic love symbols.

There are many emoticons available. It is very simple and easy to use. Copy it from the source and paste at the destination and it is done!!

How to Make Your Facebook Chat Interesting With Emoji Art?

Everybody desires to be considered the best by their friends. Everyone likes to be in the company of good natured people. Social networking sites are for serving people for both purposes.

People have found their friends on these sites and enjoy communicating with them. They just love to tease each other in the chat box. When you login to your account, it is filled with notifications and updated statuses that depict different moods and is best depicted with the beautiful faces made for that.

Emoji Art

Facebook is considered as the King of the social networking sites. It has maximum hold over many people. The main reason is that the creative team of FB used to conduct experiments with it to maintain the interest of the people. They put a number of things to make it entertaining which is the end goal for its users. You might have used beautiful smiley faces in the chat and how can I forget the emoji art?

Emoji art is helpful in creating a long lasting impact on your time-line, chat messages and posts.  Try posting a cool emoticon art piece with new Emoji emoticons! Imaginative, considerate and always a standout—these images will fascinate anybody who sees them. If you wish to post an amazing example of Emoji art, there are various selections for you to choose from. There are many stores that act as open source to get this kind of art.

If you want to create more of an impact on your friends, modify the Facebook fonts into an extremely stylish look. There are a number of websites that provide a way to change the color and style of the fonts. You can change the font type and thus, amaze your friends.

There is many more ways to make your chats interesting over the FB. It just demands a little more effort. Are you ready to make your timeline stylish and impressive? Get the codes for a number of stylish emoticons, emoji and a stylish font converter and make your chat vibrant!!!

New and Stylish Facebook Chat Emoticons

Don’t you feel out of words sometimes? That song of Irish Band Boyzone expressed that situation perfectly, “Baby, if told you the right word, at the right time. You would be mine.” There are some moments, where speech express less than an emoticon (emotion+icon). You can give a hug or kiss, can wink or get angry with them. Without saying a word! You may wonder they are limited and just a few in Facebook. How can I convey so much with them? Just take a look at our site.
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How Emoji Art is Different from Emoticons

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Express Your Feelings with Effective Fb Emoticons!

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